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Category: 2015 Polyurethane Technical Conference


This month, the American Chemistry Council announced that Demilec was selected to receive one of three 2015 Innovation in Plastics Recycling Awards, which recognize companies and nonprofits that successfully bring new technologies, products, and initiatives to communities and the marketplace that demonstrate significant advancements in plastics recycling.

Demilec manufactures spray foam insulation and has recycled more than 300 million plastic bottles into spray foam insulation products in recent years and expects to recycle more than 35 million plastic bottles into high-performing spray foam insulation in 2015.

The company converts polyethylene terephthalate (PET) scrap into polyols, which can be used in its spray foam insulation products. In addition to the environmental benefits of plastics recycling, spray foam insulation helps to dramatically increase energy efficiency in homes and buildings.