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Grip the Mat with Polyurethane

Namaste and happy National Yoga Day! Time to unwind your mind and unroll your mat. Have you ever wondered how you can maintain a good grip on your yoga mat through all those poses? Wonder no more, and give thanks to polyurethane in your meditation today.

Most yoga mats have a polyurethane coating, which protects the surface from slippery interruptions to your vinyasa flow. Its durable components prevent wear and tear during even your most intense practices.

Plus, all of your favorite yoga clothes that stay cool through 100 degree bikram classes are likely made of fabric with polyurethane. Polyurethane’s lightweight, breathable components make it the perfect material for sweat-resistant apparel.

So celebrate this day of fitness and find your center in a group class or solo stretch, but remember to include polyurethane in your practice!