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Category: Poly as Art

Let Polyurethane Paint You a Picture

Need to cool down, but bored of spending the entire day inside your home? Enjoy an outing to a museum! There are more than 35,000 museums waiting to be explored in the United States. Not only can you find great tours, artwork, and history but also chemistry’s favorite versatile material: polyurethane!

For example, the George Washington University Museum in Washington, D.C., uses polyurethane in mounting textiles. Textiles such as quilts, carpets, and tapestries are usually mounted with simple polyurethane fasteners. However, certain larger items require something a little stronger.  The polyurethane varnish also prevents any possible textile damage from the frame’s wood acids.

So if you find yourself admiring art this summer, just know it was possible thanks to the help of versatile polyurethane!