Made With Pride In America

Polyurethane makes lots of things stronger. Our economy is no exception.

The contributions polyurethane has made to our quality of life are easy to spot all around us. Less visible, but just as noteworthy, are the many contributions polyurethane has made to the global economy.

In the United States alone in 2010, the polyurethanes industry directly generated $19.7 billion in output and 37,700 jobs. But the economic significance of polyurethane hardly ends there.

More than five indirect jobs are created for each direct job in the polyurethanes industry. This multiplier effect factors in jobs created through purchases of supplies, equipment, services, etc. and wages to employees spent on consumer goods and services, housing, etc.

And when you consider that the many other industries—building, automotive and furniture, just to name of few—that use polyurethane components to manufacture their products, you’re looking at $245.5 billion in economic output and nearly 1 million workers employed.

Clearly, polyurethane and the manufacturing industries that use polyurethane components have already played a huge role in growing both the domestic American economy as well as the economies of other nations. With new innovations in technology we can count on these industries to drive global economic growth for decades to come.