Making a House a Home

Polyurethane impacts us in a thousand different ways.

Each night millions of people sleep on soft, flexible foam pillows made from polyurethane. Millions more drive vehicles equipped with polyurethane cushioned seats and polyurethane enhanced interior components. Polyurethane products seal and protect our floors, they insulate our homes, they are woven into our clothing and they even help keep our food fresh. Polyurethane is present in every room we enter. It truly touches our lives. The many ways polyurethane makes life more convenient and comfortable are too numerous to count.

And while new innovations and applications for the many varieties of polyurethane are coming to market all the time, polyurethane has been a popular material with manufacturers since the 1950s and has proven itself a valuable addition to our lives.

So as comforting as polyurethane is to sleep on, it’s just as comforting to know that polyurethane has stood up to the most important consumer test of all—the test of time.


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