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Category: Athletics

New Midsole Puts a Spring in Runners’ Steps

When it comes to running shoes, it’s what’s in the midsole that counts. The midsole needs to provide optimal stability and cushioning to help support the punishing pounding of mile after mile. Many traditional midsoles are made from other lightweight materials. However, over time, the material compresses and loses its cushioning.

Enter a new midsole made of polyurethane, which naturally expands, returning energy to the runner after force is applied. In a regular shoe, most energy is converted to heat, which you can literally feel in the sole of the shoe after a tough workout. But with this new midsole, the energy is stored, like in a coiled spring, and released when you push off the ground.

The result is excellent material performance that helps runners remain comfortable despite the pounding. But even better, the material is long lasting and reportedly won’t compress over time, for the same great results whether it’s mile 1 or mile 100.