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Category: Furniture

Polycarbonate Diols Help Make Leather Tough and Soft

Leather jackets, shoes and furniture are often coated with a layer of polyurethane in order to protect the fabric from stains and give it a glossy shine. However, manufacturers often struggle to find a balance between providing stain resistance to things like creams and beverages and creating the supple feel and fabric flexibility that consumers want. Polycarbonate diol technology helps producers perform this balancing act.

Polycarbonate diols supply flexibility and softness to polyurethane leather finishes and artificial leather coatings. In addition, these polycarbonate diols make polyurethane coatings highly resistant to heat, UV rays, water, chemicals, stains, abrasions and solvents, and thus, more durable! Leather finished with polyurethane coatings can often be cleaned simply by using a soft, damp cloth and — if needed — a mild soap.