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Category: Architecture

Polyurethane: Form meets function

As a young architect, Frank Lloyd Wright worked for Louis Sullivan’s architecture firm in Chicago. Sullivan is known for designing some of the earliest skyscrapers using steel-frame constructions. His famous adage, “form follows function,” is still used by many architects who recognize the purpose of a building should be the starting point for its design. Wright later evolved the phrase to “form and function are one.”

Many architects continue to believe that the shape of a building should not be fashioned after some aesthetic tradition, but rather should be determined by the purpose of the building. Polyurethane products used in construction help combine aesthetics (form) and purpose (function).

Today’s architects are increasingly balancing structural requirements, energy efficiency certifications, cost and the design wishes of the home or office owner.  

Polyurethane provides the solution in a number of areas. The material can fundamentally alter the approach taken for a building’s structural support right down to its fixtures.

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