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Polyurethane Makes A Play for Player Safety

When it comes to helping football players stay safe, polyurethane could soon be making some big plays. With rising concerns about the long-term health effects of repeated head trauma and bodily injuries caused by physical contact from the sport, researchers are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce injuries.

One recent advancement has some players adding a soft protective polyurethane covering that goes over the hard shell of their football helmets. The helmet add-on is a closed-cell polyurethane foam covering that affixes to the outside of the helmet. The hope is that the soft foam can help absorb the shock from an impact – thus reducing the force of all helmet to body, helmet to helmet, and helmet to ground blows.  

Thousands of high schools around the country and hundreds of colleges have opted to add Guardian Caps to their safety regiment. While you won’t see them on the field during games at the college level, some high school and youth programs have chosen to wear them during both games and practices. Polyurethane and Guardian Caps have made great strides in advancing player safety.