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Take a Nap with Polyurethane

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s rest, but that might not always happen. When you haven’t slept for the full seven or eight hours, a nap can help you recharge or catch up on those hours you may have skipped.  All you need is a comfortable bed to dive into!

Polyurethane can be found in most upholstered furniture and bedding. It can be used in mattresses to help provide the support your body needs by keeping your neck and back aligned and preventing sore muscles and stiff necks. Polyurethane materials are also lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool and relaxed throughout the night or throughout your daytime nap.

Polyurethane’s strong material properties also help ensure your pillows and mattresses last for years. So get comfortable and take a nap today in celebration of National Napping Day. The holiday calls for it!