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These Inventors Created Durable, Comfortable Doggy Beds Using Polyurethane

Two imaginative entrepreneurs are using polyurethane to create a more durable, comfortable dog bed after a mutual love of dogs brought them together. Sandra Baumeister and Katja Dalhöfer are friends who launched their doggy product line in 2017.

Today, their brand, StyleSnout®, features a range of fashionable, high-quality dog beds, harnesses and accessories. 

A New Kind of Dog Bed

Recently, Baumeister and Dalhöfer began work on a new kind of dog bed dubbed “The Island.” Their design features a circular bed with tall, soft sides and a small depression in the center, where dogs can burrow in for a quick nap or a good night’s sleep.

Along with a high-end look suited to most modern homes, they also included functionality in their invention. The surface of each Island bed features Covestro’s INSQIN® technology: a water-based polyurethane system, which makes the bed resistant to mechanical stresses, such as those caused by teeth or paws.

A Commitment to Animals

All StyleSnout® products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, and Island dog beds are no exception.

“We consciously avoid animal materials, such as real leather or real fur, in all of our StyleSnout® products,“ explains Dalhöfer. “In addition to this, sustainability is a very important topic for us. INSQIN® technology fits this philosophy perfectly.”

The philanthropic-minded Baumeister and Dalhöfer, who own four dogs between them, donate one percent of all the revenue generated from StyleSnout® products, including the Island dog beds, help improve the lives of needy animals. In addition to their charitable endeavors, the two also run a rescue organization, helping homeless animals in Romania.