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To Create a Better Lacrosse Ball Researchers Look to PU

Polyurethane is changing the sport of lacrosse for the better with a new kind of game ball that resists becoming greasy and avoids hardening over time. 

The Risk

Solid rubber has long been the primary material used in the production of lacrosse balls. Over time, however, additives and oils used in traditional balls can leech out, creating a sleek exterior on the surface that make the balls slippery. These materials also sometimes harden. When this happens, the balls lose their resiliency and their bounciness.

The Answer

Recently, Guardian Sports came up with a PU solution. The equipment manufacturer is producing a new kind of lacrosse ball made entirely of polyurethane. The polyurethane lacrosse balls share most of the same characteristics as their traditional counterparts, including weight, size and bounce.

They even meet the standards for gameplay set forth by most lacrosse sanctioning bodies, including college-level athletics. However, the PU material offers critical advantages over its traditional counterpart.

It avoids developing a greasy surface or hardening. One unforeseen additional benefit is longevity. The PU balls have a recommended lifespan of two years, nearly double that of most rubber lacrosse balls.

The Future of Play

The lacrosse community has been quick to embrace the new polyurethane balls with many leagues vowing to use them exclusively for games and practice. Some have even rushed to adopt the PU version as their official game ball.