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5 Incredible Facts about Polyurethane

Today is National Trivia Day! Here are 5 fun facts about polyurethane.

  • You’re probably sitting or standing on polyurethane right now. In our houses, the workplace and even our cars, polyurethane foam supports, protects and cushions us.
  • Polyurethanes are frequently used in the electrical and electronics industries to seal and insulate fragile components. It also protects the exterior of our electronic devices as it is frequently used as a stylish, but durable material for tablet covers and cases.
  • Polyurethane coatings play an essential role in maintaining your vehicle’s glossy appearance by helping protect it from harsh weather conditions. Who doesn’t love looking at shiny new cars?
  • That flattering pair of leggings you can’t live without are made with a special polyurethane blend, otherwise known as spandex!
  • Polyurethane can contribute to sustainability by helping preserve our natural resources and save energy.

Did you learn something? Use these facts to celebrate National Trivia Day and test your friends on how Incredible Polyurethane really is!