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A Polyurethane Hose Can Help Enhance Your Garden

Frequent readers of this blog know that polyurethane is a familiar sight in your family’s garden. But did you also know your garden hose — the one object perhaps most vital to maintaining a successful yard — can be  made up polyurethane as well? The humble hose has gone through many iterations since it was first invented nearly 400 years ago. Over the centuries, the material used to manufacture hoses has gone from stitched leather and canvas to today’s more modern polyurethane or rubber offerings. For all the competing materials that exist, a polyurethane garden hose remains a great option for gardening enthusiasts. 

A Wide Selection

In the past, the hose in your garden was likely most easily recognized as a brightly colored, heavy, greenish-hued tube. However, today’s polyurethane hoses come in a wide assortment and are not limited in length, color or even shape. Indeed, some hoses are permanently spiraled, making them more compact for neat storage.

Easily Transportable

Lightweight and flexible but still uniquely long-lasting, polyurethane hoses are lightweight, making it easy to maneuver the hose to all corners of your lawn for a quick and worry-free watering. This feature may be particularly beneficial for more senior gardeners — a potentially sizable portion of the gardening community — for whom gardening could be a physically taxing undertaking.

Durable and Smooth

From stones to bushes with sharp branches, the typical backyard is rife with hazards that a garden hose must be able to snake around or even rub against without rupturing in the execution of its duties. As mentioned, polyurethane garden hoses not only are flexible, their surface is also smooth and durable, allowing the hose to pass over, around and against these hazards.

Easily Storable

The walls of a polyurethane hose are surprisingly thin. In addition to reducing the weight of the hose, it makes the walls of the hose a bit thinner. This makes the hose easier to coil. At the end of a long watering session, your polyurethane hose will roll up quickly and compactly for easy storage. 

Hoses of the Future

As modern polyurethane hoses provide a better and more reliable experience for gardeners than those of the recent past, who knows what the future may bring? Hose manufacturers are hoping to answer that very question as they begin to incorporate the use of sensors into polyurethane hoses that alert gardeners of when and how much to water. The limits of innovation are being stretched as polyurethane and modern technology work together to deliver a smarter, more durable and lightweight watering experience to gardeners everywhere.