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Polyurethane Goes Gardening!

Break out your gloves for National Gardening Month!

Of all the tools you need for gardening, your gloves have to be one of the most important. Apart from keeping your hands clean, gardening gloves also help keep your hands dry and better protected from harsh and scratchy substances. Polyurethane gloves are also durable enough to help you pull out those stubborn weeds for many seasons!

Polyurethane garden hoses are another essential gardening tool due to their flexible material. After being stretched to capacity, polyurethane hoses typically spring back into shape. How great is that?  Polyurethane helps reduce hoses’ weight, taking away a lot of the heavy lifting from gardening. From the moment those seeds get planted in the yard, to picking those delicious tomatoes off that vine, polyurethane is there to make your yardwork a little easier. Happy gardening, everyone!