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Category: Architecture

American Institute of Architects National Convention

From May 14-16, the American Institute of Architects are hosting their National Convention in Atlanta, GA. This Convention is one of the largest assemblies of architects and design professionals in the world. The expo spreads out to over 170,000 sq. ft. of booths, galleries, and lounges. Software and technology, energy efficiency, building systems, finishes, lighting, stone and tile, restoration, and many more types of companies exhibit at the event.

Architects often use polyurethane due to its durability and flexibility. When architects find themselves facing difficult challenges, polyurethane is often the material they turn to for effective solutions.  One of the world’s most energy efficient and versatile insulation and air sealing products is rigid polyurethane foam. From maintaining uniform temperature, to lowering noise levels, rigid polyurethane foam is a commonly selected roof and wall insulation.

Polyurethane materials also offer an alternative to partition walls by adding a sufficient amount of structural support to any building. The use of polyurethane coatings can enhance the appearance and lengthen the lifespan of building exteriors as well as fittings such as pipes, doors, and canopies.

No matter the form or function, polyurethane is a very durable and versatile material to use on many architectural projects.