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Dow’s Impact This Summer

“Da uma mãozinha”, the phrase for “to lend a helping hand” in Portuguese.

That is exactly what The Dow Chemical Company is doing this summer. Dow has been involved in nearly 20 projects revolving around venue construction, transportation, field-of-play technologies, and extended infrastructure including Deodoro Park. With the help of Dow’s polyurethane technology, Deodoro Park will be the home field to both the rugby and modern pentathlon competitions using a synthetic turf system.

Dow also implemented five strategic projects in various areas including infrastructure and agriculture. One project includes the adoption of polyurethane-based insulation panels that demonstrate to Brazilians and Argentinians within the construction value chain the importance and impact of using energy efficient panels. Ultimately, polyurethane-based insulation panels can help reduce energy costs and limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. One thing is for certain at this year’s games-Dow is surely standing on the podium with the gold!