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Category: Apparel

Dressing Up Polyurethane In Sustainability

Bayer MaterialScience has brought a new array of waterborne, bio-based polyurethane dispersions to apparel and footwear lines under the IMPRANIL® eco name. Thanks to the production of this technology by Bayer, it is now possible for manufactures to produce sustainable, coated apparel such as synthetic leather, with minimal fossil-based raw materials.  Ultimately, Bayer notes that these bio-based polyurethane dispersions will contain up to 65 percent of renewable elements contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

IMPRANIL® eco has given synthetic materials a face lift, attracting more consumers to the brands that have adopted a more sustainable material.  According to Bayer, IMPRANIL® eco, manufactures can now reduce the number of fossil-based raw materials found in every layer of synthetic fashion and footwear without compromising the performance level of the apparel.  To read more about Bayer and IMPRANIL® eco, click here.