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Category: Apparel, Athletics

Gear up for Winter Sports with Polyurethane

Whether hiking, climbing or snowboarding, polyurethane is there for many extreme winter sports needs.

When combined with nylon, polyurethane makes a lightweight, flexible, durable, and soft material.  It conforms to your body while you’re speeding down a hill or climbing up a mountain.

Polyurethane is infused in the winter jackets that keep you warm, typically without all the heavy constrictive bulk of a regular jacket!  The polyurethane helps make the jacket lightweight so you can catch come major air without being weighed down.

Polyurethane also helps keep you dry in the rain and in the snow.  Polyurethane’s revolutionary water resistant and breathable technology is utilized in many other jackets.

Remember to pack polyurethane products in your suitcase for your winter vacation.