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Category: Automotive

Go For a Ride Day

Grab your keys and your favorite mixtape or playlist because today is the day we celebrate road trips! Whether you have a determined destination or not, many of us find it therapeutic just to get behind the wheel, or in the passenger’s seat, and cruise down the road. The seats are comfortable, right?

Did you know that much of the interior of cars, including seats, is made with polyurethane foam? Insulation foam plays a role in keeping your ride smooth, quiet and climate controlled. The flexibility and durability of polyurethane makes it an excellent material for the exterior of cars as well – spoilers, bumpers, and doors.

If you want to show off your shiny new paint job – you have polyurethane to thank for that, too. Many car manufacturers use a polyurethane coat on the exterior to protect and enhance the look of many luxury vehicles.

So enjoy your ride today inside your polyurethane-protected car!