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Category: Innovation Bonds

Happy “Buy a Book” Day!

“Buy a Book Day” began in 2012 to celebrate the importance of books in today’s culture. Did you know that polyurethane plays an important role in the creation of these timeless works of literature?

Polyurethane is responsible for keeping your books tightly bound. Modern book binding uses a polyurethane adhesive, which gives your books the flexibility and durability to travel with you to school, work, the park, and anywhere you enjoy flipping through some pages.

One method of book binding utilizes hot-melt polyurethane adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives have a lower melting point. This allows the adhesive to set quickly when it cools to form a solid binding with incredible strength! During the curing process, the adhesive continues to get stronger thanks to a chemical reaction that occurs between the polyurethane and moisture in the environment.

After you buy a book today —years down the line when the binding is still strong— remember to thank polyurethane!