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Happy National Nurses Day

National Operating Room Nurse Day (Nov. 14th) and National Nurses Day (May 6th) are great days to recognize and support the nursing professionals who work tirelessly to care for us while we recover from our medical challenges. Anything that can be done to make nurses lives easier, safer and more efficient just allows them to spend more of their time nurturing us back to good health.  

Today’s polyurethanes have been formulated to provide good biocompatibility, flexural endurance, high strength, high abrasion resistance and processing versatility over a wide range of applications such as coatings. These attributes are important in supporting new applications such as artificial hearts, feeding tubes, surgical drains, intra-aortic balloon pumps, dialysis devices, non-allergenic gloves, medical garments, hospital bedding, wound dressings and more.

Patients using polyurethane medical devices may prefer them due to their comfort. They can be used in many soft elastomeric medical applications such as indwelling catheters and vascular access. Soft polyurethanes can be comfortable yet strong, which makes them a unique material for catheters and vascular access.

Polyurethane’s many contributions to medical technology and patient care have advanced the Health Care Industry exponentially. Still, even with polyurethane’s many contributions, nothing can rival the comfort nurses and doctors provide us on the road to good health.