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It’s Not Magic. It’s Chemistry!

It’s easy to assume that Hollywood wizards have magic up their sleeves with their ability to make something inspired and fantastical from our  imagination  seem so real and life-like on screen. Watch too much TV about zombies?  You just might expect to run into some pale, torn up character salivating for your brains.

The truth behind Hollywood’s realistic depictions is not, in fact, magic. It’s chemistry! Located in Macungie, Penn., is a lab without test tubes and white coats, filled with masks of the undead, enlarged eyeballs, a few of Thor’s famous hammers and what appears to be shattered glass.

This company, Smooth-On, became the number one provider of Hollywood movie props by using polyurethanes and other materials to create an extremely wide variety of molds in innovative ways. Moreover, they do more than movie props. Polyurethane can be molded into just about any shape – be it human or otherwise – and makes for the perfect high quality, long-lasting product for any industry.

So, next time your engulfed in your favorite sci-fi drama – remember, it’s not a wand, spell or trick that made these characters come to life. It’s the chemical magic of polyurethane!