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Long Life for Polyurethanes in Building & Construction!

Extreme environmental conditions and mechanical issues can shorten the life of building and construction materials. Yet, polyurethane can help be a part of the solution!

How can polyurethane help protect against intense mechanical stresses and severe environments? Polycarbonate diols can help polyurethane retain its durability and high performance properties by replacing the traditional polyols used to make polyurethanes with more stable materials to resist forces like water and sun that can weaken the final products. With the help of these polycarbonate diols, polyurethane can better withstand difficult environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humid conditions, and mechanical stresses such as abrasion, scratches and cracks.

That’s why polyurethane is especially effective in building and construction products that experience these extreme environments and mechanical stresses every day. So when you’re looking for building materials for tough conditions, don’t forget about the long life of polyurethane!