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Category: Apparel

MAGIC Trade Show

The annual MAGIC Fashion Trade Show begins next week!

Twice each year, brands from all walks of life gather in Las Vegas at the MAGIC Trade Show for an opportunity to get a first look at next season’s trendiest items. There’s no doubt that if you’re in the apparel industry – MAGIC is the place to be.

Let’s not forget about polyurethane – which, as usual, is an important part of this trade show!  

Polyurethane has made its mark on the fashion industry and can be found in many of the items we pull out of our closet every day. The insoles of many shoes are made of polyurethane, which creates a durable, sole that will last longer than that season’s trend! It’s also a great breathable, durable leather alternative that is used in handbags and clothing.

Thanks, polyurethane!