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Category: Apparel

Next Generation Fabrics

This summer Bayer announced the development of INSQIN™, a new technology for producing polyurethane-coated fabrics without using solvents. Polyurethane-coated fabrics are used in athletic gear for moisture resistance as well as the creation of synthetic leather materials including shoes, handbags and clothes.

Traditionally the manufacture of polyurethane-coated fabrics requires the use of solvents that pose risks to workers and the environment if not used properly. With INSQIN, solvents are no longer required to produce the fabrics used in this wide variety of apparel.

The use of polyurethane-coated fabrics means quieter, more comfortable functional layers, as well as high performance screen printing for apparel or footwear fabrics. It also means that polyurethane leather can match both the design requirements of fashion and the performance requirements of sports applications.