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Off to the races!

We’re off to the races! This Saturday, thousands of people head to the race track or attend parties to witness “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports”. The atmosphere at the Kentucky Derby is filled with excitement as people place their bets, cheer for their favorite horse and sip mint juleps.

As the jockeys maneuver those beautiful horses around the track, our bets are on our fan favorite, The Incredible Polyurethane! To help protect hooves, some horse owners place a flexible horseshoe on the bottom of the horse’s foot that is made possible with polyurethane. Using this type of horseshoe helps reduce hoof damage as the shoe can be glued instead of nailed on, weighs much less than metal shoes, and allows the horse’s heels to perform naturally which reduces possible hoof-related injuries and much more.

So as you dust off that debonair bow tie or extravagant and spectacular wide-brimmed hat this weekend, keep an eye out for durable polyurethane making its way around the tracks!