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Polyurethane Embarks on the High Seas

High-tech sailing takes on new waters! Evonik, a specialty chemical company, has joined forces with German-Danish sailing duo Team Gaebler to build the first SpeedFoiler catamaran. This state-of-the-art catamaran will almost fly over the water thanks to a revolutionary design and lightweight materials.   Their partnership with Evonik resulted in an exceptional catamaran, the SpeedFoiler, which is ultra-lightweight with the help of polyurethane materials.

Polyurethane properties are so flexible and versatile, they allow for quicker production times in the stages of applying binders and laminates. So not only are the boats speedy to drive – they’re speedy to make, thanks to polyurethane!

The SpeedFoiler will launch a new generation of sailing, just as polyurethane is pioneering a new generation of influence on polymers!