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Polyurethane For Dads

All dads are different, but there are some products made with polyurethane that any father could enjoy on his holiday.

The Father in the Fast Lane:

Does your dad enjoy driving on the open road and love everything about cars? Will he know that polyurethane is behind a lot of the comfort and cool factors of his car? Cushioned seats, protected coatings, and many car parts are made with polyurethane components that make vehicles look better and last longer. Plus, polyurethane is light-weight  which helps Dad’s car be more fuel efficient.  All dads love that.

The DIY Dad:

If your father is Mr. Fix-It, chances are polyurethane is his personal assistant. Polyurethane is durable and flexible, which makes it one of the best options for furniture coatings and wood finishes. Like Dad, polyurethane is great at keeping stuff together!

The Digital Dad:

If your dad geeks out on the latest electronics, you’re lucky to live in a world where it’s cool to be tech-savvy! Want to impress him with some science of your own? Tell him about all the “potting compounds and conformal coatings” made with polyurethane that are specially formulated to protect a wide variety of electronic components. This versatile protection allows for amazing innovations in the world of electronics – the kind of stuff your dad gets excited about!

So, whether you go for a ride together, help finish that coffee table he’s been working on for years, or let him run wild at his favorite electronics store – polyurethane will play a role in your Father’s Day this year!