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Category: Innovation Bonds, Poly as Art

Polyurethane Helps Usher in a New Era of Outdoor Art

Among high-net-worth art aficionados, a new trend is emerging that has masterpieces being created exclusively for life alfresco. Outdoor artwork often consists of grand-scale sculptures and installations that play with the landscape and elements like scenery, color and background.

In creating these commissioned pieces, artists are faced with a unique challenge. Their work must not only be creatively intriguing, it must also be able to withstand inclement weather, freezing or scorching temperatures and even pollution with little service and upkeep required.

While the construction of some pieces uses more traditional elements like steel, aluminum or brass, others are far more innovative in their choice of medium. Because of its versatility, durability and ease of use, polyurethane has become the medium of choice for some artists. Especially in kinetic sculptures that rotate in the wind, polyurethane can offer a sought-after combination of flexibility and lightweight durability.

The art world’s outdoor obsession shows no signs of slowing down with some pieces fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

However, with some of these outdoor creations estimated to be more than 40 feet tall, understanding the logistics of moving these masterpieces remains an art in and of itself.