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Polyurethane is Proud to Be American

According to the American Chemistry Council, “The [polyurethanes] industry directly employs more than 235,200 Americans… [and] each job in the polyurethanes industry yields four more jobs indirectly.” However, you don’t have to work in the polyurethanes industry to see the benefits of polyurethane!

Entrepreneurs Mike Robb and Tom Osborne of Cincinnati, Ohio, made polyurethane work for them. In 2014 they came up with the concept of the “beer blizzard.” While on a weekend camping trip, Mike and Tom realized the indented bottom of all beer cans had the same dome shape. As beer enthusiasts who hate hot beer, they decided to  improve the beer-drinking experience. This beer-can epiphany sparked the idea to freeze water, and then eventually use polyurethane, in the bottom of these cans to cool and maintain the drink’s temperature.

Maybe you will also find inspiration this 4th of July while you hang out and enjoy a beer, chilled in a polyurethane plastic cooler.