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Category: Apparel, Athletics

Polyurethane is sporting a new summer beach body

Summer is rolling through and getting into shape is back in full force.  But have no fear, polyurethane is here to help you run the extra mile! 

Not only is polyurethane found in exercise apparel and footwear but it’s found in different exercise equipment – equipment that can help get your body ready for summer vacation.  For example, exercise mats made with a thin layer of polyurethane foam are great for protecting your knees and back when doing floor exercises. 

Exercising is always better when you have a partner to work out with.  Tossing medicine balls to a partner helps strengthen both arm and leg muscles.  Medicine balls filled with solid polyurethane can help your muscles get into shape.

When your muscles are calling it quits make sure to use polyurethane foam rollers to roll out and stretch your muscles after each and every workout.