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Polyurethane, It’s in Your Jeans

There is no denying America’s love affair with denim. If we look as far back as the 1870s, we see how this durable fabric helped grow the country, outfitting miners and cowboys alike.

Denim has become a staple of many American wardrobes. Designers and manufacturers are continually pushing the envelope, looking for new ways to make this fashion favorite more appealing by adding to its style and comfort.

One way they are achieving this is through the introduction of polyurethane into denim fabric. Polyurethane blends in denim can run anywhere from 2 to 10 percent. PU helps give jeans more stretch. It can make them more lightweight and often more durable.

Perhaps best of all, polyurethane can mimic the fit of denim fabric. Over time, it can wear in much the same way as the traditional fabric, allowing for a broken-in feel and more predictable wear.

It is hardly the first time that polyurethane has shown up in clothing. Ever since scientists discovered that polyurethanes could be made into fine threads when combined with nylon, they have been used to make garments that are more stretchable and lightweight.