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Spray Foam: Building America

As America’s architecture evolves to reflect the dynamic world in which we live, the materials used to realize innovative building designs must meet that demand. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) plays a major role in this process. SPF is used to enhance energy efficiency, comfort, and style.

Here are three examples of SPF and its benefits. These case studies highlight SPF’s versatility and value. In fact, both projects have been crowned Department of Energy (DOE) “Challenge Home”’ – meaning they are all high performance, energy efficient homes that offset all or most of their annual energy consumption. The DOE Challenge Home is now known as the Zero Energy Ready Home.

Another important common connection: both  recognize the importance of polyurethane and spray polyurethane foam.


The Maryland urban infill community of duplex units, townhomes and single family homes known as Nexus Energy Homes represents a pioneering use of spray foam. Open-cell, soy-based polyurethane was used in the unvented roofs of Nexus Energy Homes. The product was chosen for its thermal retention potential, as well as its ability to keep out noise and bugs. Furthermore, all materials that have gone into the house’s creation – SPF included – contain low or no volatile organic compound content. The houses have even been endorsed by Governor Martin O’Malley, who mentioned the initiative in a recent State of the State address.


The Bay State – where Net Zero Energy Communities have recently been built – is helping to lead the way in green construction. These Net Zero Energy Communities feature SPF insulation in the stud and frame walls, as well as SPF insulation in foundation walls. This insulation is energy efficient, reducing fuel waste and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.