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Take a Hike Day

Today celebrates one of our favorite outdoor hobbies and activities: hiking. Happy Take a Hike Day! Whether hiking the Grand Canyon, Appalachian Trail, or on a scenic trail near home, we want to make sure to have the proper gear to hike in comfort. And polyurethane is there to help support us in easy and difficult terrain.

Having a breathable jacket is an important element in hiking. A polyurethane film is often used in athletic gear to absorb sweat to help keep us dry and warm in rainy and cold conditions.

Polyurethane can also help our feet feel comfortable. Polyurethane can be found in the midsole of hiking boots, providing cushion, shock absorption and lightweight durability. It also can be found in most modern hiking outsoles to add stability when walking on various terrains.

So whatever adventure is headed your way, make sure you’re ready to take a hike using the durable and incredible polyurethane!