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Take an Out-of-this-World Flight with Polyurethane

Ready, set, launch! Polyurethane is gearing up for lunar exploration. General Plastics and Orbital ATK (a space, defense, and aviation system company) have partnered with NASA to support NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS).

The SLS is a 322-foot motor with polyurethane nozzle closures for its two booster rockets. The nozzles will be closed before use, and thanks to the incredible durability of polyurethane, better  sealed. Polyurethane foam protects the nozzles from moisture, foreign objects, and acts as a flame retardant.

The SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever flown with help from polyurethane’s strength and durability! Watch polyurethane take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in late 2018.