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The Key to Delivering Hot Foods Is in the Bag

More than 85 percent of Americans will attend a holiday get-together this year. Of these, many will be bringing a dish to share with guests, and quite a few revelers will have polyurethane to thank for keeping their party foods hot.

You may already know polyurethane is a great insulator – often refrigerators are lined with polyurethane to keep foods cold, but did you know PU can also be used as a portable way to keep foods warm as well?

For years, pizza delivery drivers have been using polyurethane-foam insulated bags to keep their Italian offerings piping hot – from the oven to your door. Today, there are an array of bags on the market that take their cue from the traditional pizza delivery bag.

While they come in all shapes and sizes and are used for carrying all manner of food, almost all these bags have one thing in common – they rely on polyurethane foam for their insulation.

Manufacturers are choosing polyurethane as the insulation option of choice because it is a resilient, flexible and durable material. Plus, its open-cell design means it is breathable, highly resistant to mildew and is not prone to trapping odors. 

This holiday at your office potluck or neighborhood gathering, pause for a moment, before you take a scoop of piping hot casserole or pleasantly warm seven-layer dip to appreciate the insulating properties of the bag that brought the food, and ponder whether or not polyurethane helped make it possible.