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Category: Innovation Bonds

There’s a New Star in Town—SealStar

A new all-purpose sealing system for polyurethane back-foaming is introduced to the world! SealStar —designed by KraussMaffei’s Reaction Process Machinery— helps provide a more secure seal in the molding process of incredible polyurethane. The SealStar makes the sealing process of polyurethane back-foaming molds more secure and efficient than ever before.

It is important for polyurethane back-foaming molds to be sealed tightly. Typically special inflatable standard sealing hoses made from silicone rubber or latex and available with or without a sealing cord, are inserted into the polyurethane back-foaming mold. This process helps ensure polyurethane does not leave the space between the film and injection molded part, but foaming can occur in the end and connection pieces.

With SealStar, the full length of the sealing system can be inflated to match component contours to give a tight seal, and reducing additional rework. It can be used for a variety of applications and replaced quickly without requiring tools. A star has been born in polyurethane sealing!