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But What’s a Prepreg?

Have you, or perhaps your kids, ever “accidentally” made a hole in the wall? Maybe someone threw a football in the house or a corner of some furniture knocked a dent into the wall during a move. To spot-treat this problem, you probably went to your local hardware store and picked up a home repair kit that included a mesh reinforcing fabric. Little-known fact: this reinforcing fabric is called a prepreg.

Prepegs have become popular over the last few years because of their advantageous handling properties. However, there have been some downsides to prepreg technology when it comes to using them in certain applications. The solution? Polyurethane!

Specialty chemical company Evonik successfully developed a polyurethane-based prepreg system. How does polyurethane help improve prepreg technology and result in better performance? When made with polyurethane, prepregs can undergo a faster curing process, be stored at room temperature, and are more durable. In addition to a more efficient production process, the capability to be stored at room temperature has opened doors for an entirely new way of processing semi-finished goods.