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Splashing About with Polyurethane

We have all been there: walking around a scorching amusement park all day in the sun and all we would like to do is beat the heat and go on that big rapid water ride that’s guaranteed to get us and our friends soaked! 

Did you know that as you splash back and forth, polyurethane is there helping your ride not only be more fun, but also more comfortable? Polyurethane seats are used in some waterpark rides as they help reduce the maintenance of the equipment associated with maintenance and provide cushion for the riders.

So when you’re approaching...

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Surfing Legend Inducted Into Surfers’ Hall of Fame

Gordon “Grubby” Clark was inducted into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame after a long career in developing polyurethane foam molds for surfboards. Clark began working for Hobie Surfboards after spending two years in the Army, where he worked as a laminator to help pay off the rest of his college education. He began to look for a replacement material for balsa wood, which was more expensive and difficult to find. In the mid-1950’s, Clark began to develop polyurethane foam molds.

He created his company, Clark Foam, in 1961 and rose to be the world leader in polyurethane foam blank...

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National S’mores Day

August 10th is National S’mores Day!  When you are sitting around the campfire with your family, don’t forget about polyurethane! Polyurethane coatings, found in camping tents, are devised to be strong, water and abrasion-resistant all while being lightweight.  These incredible qualities can be very attractive to camping aficionados who are looking for a material that will withstand many of Earth’s elements. From hiking, to finding the perfect campfire wood, to bracing any unpredictable weather, polyurethane can help campers prepare for their next wilderness adventure

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Pillow Fights and Polyurethane!

Slumber parties. The highlight of kid’s summer nights — where it seems they do just about everything but actually sleep! As parents drop off their children with sleeping bags and pillows in hand, polyurethane is there to make sure those midnight lights-out moments are comfortable and supportive. 

Polyurethane foam is used in many of today’s mattresses and pillows.  It’s the hidden gem that makes them supportive, comfortable, and long-lasting.  Polyurethane foam is a breathable material; keeping kids cool and relaxed. Polyurethane foam is also found in many sleeping bags.  Thanks to incredible polyurethane, catching zzz’s can now be...

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image source: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2015/05/05/bayer-launches-bio-based-polyurethanes-for-textile-coating/

Dressing Up Polyurethane In Sustainability

Bayer MaterialScience has brought a new array of waterborne, bio-based polyurethane dispersions to apparel and footwear lines under the IMPRANIL® eco name. Thanks to the production of this technology by Bayer, it is now possible for manufactures to produce sustainable, coated apparel such as synthetic leather, with minimal fossil-based raw materials.  Ultimately, Bayer notes that these bio-based polyurethane dispersions will contain up to 65 percent of renewable elements contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

IMPRANIL® eco has given synthetic materials a face lift, attracting more consumers to the brands that have adopted a more sustainable material. ...

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Innovator David Sweet leaves behind Surfboard Legacy

Polyurethane surfboard innovator Dave Sweet passed away in May in Los Angeles, California at the age of 86.  Sweet is recognized and remembered in the surfing community for his development and production of surfboards with a polyurethane foam core.

According to Surfer Magazine, after coming in contact with polyurethane foam in 1952, Sweet began the development process of a surfboard with a foam core.  After many trials he successfully achieved his goal. Sweet crafted a surfboard with a polyurethane foam core weighing in at approximately 25 pounds, remarkably lighter than the wooden surfboards he grew up riding. Surfboards...

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Polyurethane is sporting a new summer beach body

Summer is rolling through and getting into shape is back in full force.  But have no fear, polyurethane is here to help you run the extra mile! 

Not only is polyurethane found in exercise apparel and footwear but it’s found in different exercise equipment – equipment that can help get your body ready for summer vacation.  For example, exercise mats made with a thin layer of polyurethane foam are great for protecting your knees and back when doing floor exercises. 

Exercising is always better when you have a partner to work out with.  Tossing medicine balls to a partner...

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Video Game Day

To all the gamers out there, behold:  a fully functioning Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) coffee table controller. Like other coffee tables, it is coated with a polyurethane anti-scratch coating, which makes the table not only incredible, but durable as well!

Polyurethane may not be able to help you beat level 10; however, it can help you be more comfortable while doing it. Like many various pieces of furniture, polyurethane foam can be found in different video game chairs providing you much cushion and comfort that should last for years. So whether you’re throwing bananas at your opponents or...

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Polyurethane is swimming with the Sharks

Starting July 5th, you might see sharks on your television screen! Often, dive teams and film crews rely on the many talents of polyurethane to help them stay safe.  Polyurethane coatings and sealants are water-resistant and used to protect the exterior of diving equipment.  Spandex fibers in wet suits are lightweight and water-friendly providing divers a pleasant underwater experience as they film their shark friends. 

On the ocean surface, polyurethane foam used in boat insulation protects crew members from the salty sea air.  Likewise, flexible polyurethane foam used in seat cushions, allows these shark seekers to rest comfortably...

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Polyurethane is kicking off Independence Day with a boom!

This Fourth of July marks the 239th birthday of the United States and what better way to spend the day than a backyard cookout with family and friends.  Thanks to an all-American tradition, Americans across the nation will break out their lawn chairs and fire up their grills to celebrate and, of course, polyurethane will be joining the party too! 

Wood or metal outdoor furniture may benefit from protective top-coat finishes to prevent damage from moisture or ultraviolet light on warm summer days.  Polyurethane may be painted or sprayed on wooden decks and patio furniture and can provide...

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