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Polyurethane Covers the 2017 CoatingsTech Conference

Polyurethane chemistry is commonly used for protective coatings and paints. Polyurethane materials are so versatile that they can easily cover many surface types, yet remain durable to protect that surface. So when you want to protect the bed of your pick-up truck or finally get around to refinishing that table – polyurethanes help make sure the surface stays in great condition!

Chemists are always discovering new ways to use polyurethane in the paint and coatings industry, which is why we’re sure to find some PU chemistry at the2017 CoatingsTech Conference. The CoatingsTech conference showcases the paint and coatings industry’s latest and greatest tech innovations.

The versatility of polyurethane has helped the industry move forward with stronger and more efficient products that are improving our lives and our homes. We’re looking forward to the conference this week for another great display of scientific progress with the help of polyurethane!