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Polyurethane Helps on Halloween

It’s that time of year again: the time to be someone—or something– you’re not. When you finally decide on who or what you’d like to be this year on October 31st – polyurethane will be there to help in your transformation.

If you’re planning to be the talk of the neighborhood trick-or-treat route with a decked out candy stop, you should know that most of your props and decorations are made with polyurethane. The material can protect your plastic pumpkins and life-sized witches so they last through the toils and troubles of Halloweens for years to come. For a real scare, polyurethane tubing is used for all animatronic decorations, such as fake skeletons that seem to have a mind of their own, and those eerie smoke machines that give the perfect Halloween effect.

Now you know – polyurethane helps protect the disguises that trick your friends, and the props that give the kids a real treat!