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Category: Automotive

Flying High with Polyurethane

Today we celebrate the scientific achievement of flight– it’s Aviation Day!

Even if you’re afraid to fly, you can surely recognize the enormous impact aviation has had on both industry and our personal lives. Partly thanks to polyurethane, airplanes and other aircraft have come a long way since the Wright Brothers!

When you’re on your next flight (hopefully to a tropical vacation), look around. You’re likely to be surrounded by polyurethane products. Flexible polyurethane foam is used in airline seats to help passengers stay comfortable on long flights. Many interior surfaces – cabin walls, ceilings, overhead compartments, lavatories – are more scratch resistant and durable thanks to polyurethane coatings.

Polyurethane is a smart choice for plane manufacturers not only for its durability, but also because it’s very lightweight, which reduces travel time and fuel needs! Polyurethane was also one of the key components of the world’s first solar-powered flight around the world in the Solar Impulse 2. Just another incredible application of versatile polyurethane.

So take the time today to appreciate the wonders of aviation – and the polyurethane chemistry that helps make it possible. Happy Aviation Day!