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Category: Athletics

Giving Polyurethane a Work Out

Is your vow to get fit in 2015 a little shaky? Polyurethane will help you stay comfortable and resolute on your way to better fitness.

Polyurethane is often a key material in sneakers, as it provides cushioning with foam in the soles and can be used as an adhesive to hold a shoe together. Polyurethane is a material that provides the stretch in many clothes, helping them keep their shape as we shape up. While you are sweating off the pounds, polyurethane in fabrics helps keep that moisture away from your body.

Polyurethane not only makes our clothing more comfortable and longer lasting, but it can do the same for the equipment we use. Treadmill belts frequently use polyurethane thanks to its flexibility and durability. Polyurethane is also used in a variety of cardio machines as padding that reduces noise and vibration, as well as the wheels that make machines portable. The foam on the bench press and the cycle seat both often use polyurethane. And those dumbbells you are lifting?  They may use polyurethane as well.

Whether you are finding your center in yoga or passing a ball to the center, running in circles or climbing to new heights, the equipment you are using likely has polyurethane in it to make it more flexible and durable.

While you may be exhausted after your work out, you can rest assured polyurethane is working even harder to keep you comfortable and committed to your goals.