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Category: Automotive, Innovation Bonds

Novomer’s Innovative Technology

Innovative. That’s the best word that describes Novomer and the Ford Motor Company. Ford teamed up with many companies, including Novomer, to find new applications for captured carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce carbon emissions. Ford aims to help reduce global warming by using this greenhouse gas in innovative ways. Ford expects to be the first automaker to use foams and plastics containing captured CO2in seating and hood applications.  The new materials are expected to be in Ford vehicles by 2018.  

For foams formulated with up to 50 percent CO2 based polyols, Ford is utilizing Novomer’s Converge®-CO2 based polyols. Novomer utilizes carbon dioxide captured from manufacturing plants to produce proprietary polyols and polymers that permanently contain the greenhouse gas and can be formulated into recyclable foam and plastic. According to Novomer, carbon dioxide is an abundant, material.