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Category: Apparel, Athletics

The Big Game

On Sunday, February 7th, we will all crowd around the television with our loved ones to cheer on our favorite teams in the biggest football game of the year.

Polyurethane gets in on the game action as well – by creating soles that are long lasting and practical, it is a big component of most football cleats.

Polyurethane is also found inside helmets, adding a layer of protection for the hard hits – proven to reduce the pain from a hit by up to 33%.

And let’s not forget the reason most of us attend the party to watch the game and the commercials… the food! Polyurethane insulates our fridges to keep the taco dip, salsa and drinks cold. So win or lose, you may at least get some good leftovers out of the party!

Hats off you to, polyurethane!