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Polyurethanes: A Clear Leader in Windshield Adhesive Technology

As you travel in a car, bus, or train you might not give much thought to the windows and windshields around you. But these components do much more than just offer a clear view of the scenery and protection from the elements. Windows and windshields have become part of every vehicle’s passive safety system and polyurethane adhesives enable them to do their job best.


A History of Advancement

The first car windshields were simply two sheets of windowpane glass. These were extremely dangerous in an accident, shattering into sharp pieces. Shatter-resistant glass was in common use by the 1930s,...

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2022 Polyurethane Innovation Award Goes to Carbon’s EPU 44 3D Printed Elastomeric Resin

The Annual Polyurethane Innovation Award

Each year, the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry presents the Polyurethane Innovation Award. This honor recognizes companies and individuals in the polyurethane industry whose perseverance and vision bring exciting new technologies, products, and initiatives to life. The award acknowledges the most inventive commercial technologies in the marketplace that have been introduced over the last 12 months. This year’s award was given to Carbon’s EPU 44 Printed Elastomeric Resin.


The 2022 Award Winner

Regular readers will be familiar with the important and growing role polyurethane has played in 3D printing. Carbon’s EPU 44 is a...

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Modern Day “Explorer” Improving Quality of Life for All with Polyurethane

Name: Norman Su

Age: 33

Title: New Business Development Manager

Company: Huntsman

Educational Background:

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Business Minor, Cornell University

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley


Norman Su considers himself an explorer. “My job is to identify where polyurethanes can be used next to improve our quality of life,” he says.


As a New Business Development Manager for Huntsman, Norman has helped identify areas for innovation, opened new markets to the benefits of polyurethane, and found solutions for industries ranging from agriculture to automotive.


Embarking to the Unknown

The job, Norman says, “requires a...

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Winterize with Polyurethane Spray Foam

Homeowners today are looking to maximize every square inch of their living space. As we find ourselves not just eating and sleeping at home, but often working, exercising, and entertaining there as well, multifunctional spaces that can be used year-round are highly prized.


Winterizing a porch or garage can provide extra usable space for everything from guests to a home office or gym. In many areas of the country, these spaces may only be useable 2 or 3 seasons of the year without extra insulation. In this article, we’ll look at why spray polyurethane foam is an excellent material...

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Polyurethane Material Helps Improve 3D Printing

As readers of this blog know, 3D printing has helped revolutionize the design and manufacturing of everything from housing to baseball gloves. But many of the SLA resins and photopolymers that are used in the printing process are not strong enough for anything more than prototypes.

Scientists at Chromatic 3D Materials have created a range of polyurethane rubber elastomers that can be used in 3D printing without sacrificing their strength or durability.


Flexible In More Ways Than One

PU elastomers have been used for many years to manufacture tires, gaskets and more. They can stretch and flex...

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Your Camping Top 10, Courtesy of Polyurethane

Planning an outdoor adventure? Here are 10 items to be sure to bring for maximum comfort and fun, all thanks to their use of polyurethane.


  • Tent — Your tent is your first line of defense against the elements. Polyurethane coatings help repel water and prevent rips and tears even on rocky or uneven surfaces.

  • Sleeping bag — Sleeping bags come in a variety of levels of insulation, depending on the environment where you’ll be camping. These are rated for a wide range of temperatures — going as low as -50° F. Not only can layers of insulating materials...

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  • How Polyurethane is Evolving Conventional and Electric Vehicles

    Have you ever thought about what makes the seats, armrests, or headrests in your car so comfortable? What is keeping your engine cool and insulated? Or what is serving as a sound barrier to help reduce unwanted road noise inside your vehicle? The answer is polyurethane. Today, many conventional and electric vehicles are using polyurethane to enhance driver experience and vehicle performance. The automotive industry is using these versatile materials to produce cars that are lighter in weight, are quieter, and feature improved safety measures.

    Using Sustainable Foam in the Interior

    Today’s vehicles contain...

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    3D Printed Polyurethane Baseball Gloves Make Their Big-League Debut

    3D printing with polyurethane is showing up in one of the most unlikely of places — baseball gloves. Baseball gloves have primarily been made using leather since about the 1920s, when they first became prominent. However, leather tends to degrade over time. Particularly, the areas of the thumb and pinky portion of the gloves are prone to degradation, leaving the wearer susceptible to injury. To enhance performance and lengthen the lifecycle of the glove, manufacturers are taking a different approach when it comes to bringing them to life.

    Building a Better Baseball Glove


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    Polyurethane Helps to Make Your Picnic Perfect

    Fresh air, delicious food, good times — there’s a lot to love about picnic season. Thanks to polyurethane, you can be picnic-ready for any day. Whether it’s keeping your seats dry or the food you packed fresh, here are a few items to consider adding to your next picnic that can make it more enjoyable for everyone.

    Waterproof Picnic Blankets

    The perfect picnic starts with the perfect foundation. Companies today are designing blankets that are durable, comfortable, and versatile for any occasion — all while using polyurethane. The waterproof feature is what makes...

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    A Young Senior Scientist Shares How Mentorship Influenced His Chemistry Career Path

    Name: Brandon Parks Age: 34 Title: Senior Scientist Company: Covestro Educational Background:

    • BS Chemistry – Lebanon Valley College
    • BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Lebanon Valley College
    • MS Organic Chemistry – University of Pittsburgh

    From an early age, Brandon Parks knew science was in his future. Although he was unaware of where his love of science would take him, he had several fantastic teachers and mentors who supported his ambition and put him on the path to success.

    Brandon found an interest in polyurethanes the moment he began his career at a...

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