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Supporting Modern American Architecture

When it comes to insulating a home, spray polyurethane foam (SPF)  insulation is becoming as integral to the building process as good old fashioned bricks and mortar.

Contributing to American Design Excellence

The 2014 New American Home, located near Las Vegas, is considered one of America’s premier show homes. Produced and presented by the National Association of Home Builders, Leading Suppliers Council and Builder magazine, this modern 7,400-square-foot abode has all the comforts of home. Helping to make it so comfortable is SPF insulation.

Bayer provided its Bayseal® open-cell SPF insulation for the walls, as well as its Bayseal® 2.7 roofing foam and Bayblock® coating for the home’s roofing system. Architect Jeffrey Berkus recommended SPF for the home, stating: “Homes in the southwest must work overtime to mitigate the high outdoor temperatures, dry air, and excessive airborne particulates such as sand and dust that are so prevalent. Spray foam insulation and roofing is the perfect solution to keep the inside of the home comfortable while helping to keep out the pollutants and allergens.”

The home recently received Emerald Status – the highest designation under the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard – an honor that considers energy efficiency, indoor air quality, safety, universal design and market value.

Laying the Foundations for Regeneration

Polyurethane also had an important role to play in the immediate aftermath of the Hurricane Sandy catastrophe, as East Coast residents wanted to rebuild and reinvigorate their communities.  

Bayer’s Bayseal SPF insulation was at the heart of an innovative regeneration project along Manhattan’s South Street Seaport, where shipping containers were transformed into temporary, pop-up shops, restaurants and public spaces. In order to be ready for the tourist season, it was important to act fast. SPF insulation was selected due to its relatively quick installation and the mobility of the application system. In just five weeks, the project was completed, giving the area a vibrant facelift – dubbed See/Change – that signaled to all that the resilient South Street Seaport was once again open for business.

While the New American Home and South Street Seaport differ greatly, they do have one thing in common. These two applications illustrate that while it may be invisible to the eye, polyurethane is often hard at work “behind the scenes” in the places where we live, work, shop and play.


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